TMS Therapy for Holiday Depression

6 minutes

TMS Therapy for Holiday Depression is a no-brainer!

The Holidays are fast approaching, so it is important that you have a treatment plan in place that is solid and works for you. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy has given so many people hope again.

Depression spikes during the Holidays for a variety of different reasons in many ways. In this time that is meant to be joyful and full of celebration, could ultimately make people feel alone, depressed, and isolated. Understanding depression in yourself and your loved ones is crucial to helping.

TMS is an FDA approved therapy and has been used as a way to alternatively treat depression and other mental health issues. It has seen success on its own and as an augmentation to other medications that are not working as they should, such as antidepressants. TMS Therapy sends short magnetic pulses to the parts of the brain associated with mood and depression. People have found that TMS can even allow them to actually see colors brighter!

How many people suffer from Holiday depression?

Sadly, depression is more widely common during the holiday season. With so much pressure, it can be difficult to enjoy the season without feeling stressed, lonely, and hopeless. 

Some research on people struggling with depression over the Holiday Season shows…

  • 280 million people in the world experience depression. That’s 5% of the adult population.
  • As many as 14% of adults in the US experience “winter blues,” which may or may not coincide with the holidays.
  • 69% of people feel stressed by either their “lack of time” or “lack of money” when it comes to the holidays. In addition, over half feel worried about the pressure to give or receive gifts.

Being aware of your mental health and understanding your symptoms will help as the Holidays approach. During this time, you should search for a mental health plan that works for you and stay committed to keeping up with your treatment plan. Understanding your diagnosis will allow you to stay on top of your mental health and prevent you from struggling this season. Finding a mental health treatment plan that is uniquely tailored to you makes all the difference and sticking with it during this time is crucial to you feeling your best during this stressful time.

Is it possible to get depressed over the holidays if you don’t usually suffer from depression?

The holidays are a stressful time, and someone who typically does not suffer from depression might find themselves struggling because of the stress the Holidays bring. During this time of year, those suffering from depression, PTSD and anxiety can experience elevated symptoms for a variety of reasons. Being prepared and aware is key to ensuring your best mental health this season. 

The stress of the holidays can leave many people feeling hopeless, alone, and unable to provide a Holiday worthwhile financially and emotionally. Feelings of missed loved ones, severed family ties, or the financial pressures of the holidays can be very depressing.

Some common reasons for holiday blues:

  • History of Depression or Anxiety
  • Loss of family member or family conflict
  • Financial trouble
  • Pressure to spend money
  • Travel stress 
  • Changes in routines and schedules 

Ensure you are equipped to deal with the stresses that the Holiday Season may bring, considering options like TMS Therapy as your best route to mental health is a great way to start.

Find a TMS Provider near you today!

TMS Therapy for DepressionHow Can TMS Therapy Help with Depression?

Holiday depression does not have to ruin your holiday season this year. By understanding all your treatment options, you can make wise decisions about your mental health.

TMS Therapy (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is an extremely successful and alternative treatment method for those seeking relief from their depression. If you want to feel your best self for the new year, TMS Therapy offers hope. It is safe, non-invasive, and can begin providing results in as little as a week! TMS works by stimulating the parts of the brain that have become inactive and sluggish that are responsible for mood regulation. A coil of electromagnetic energy is used to trigger electrical currents in the brain that react by releasing neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. TMS Therapy restores balance in the brain and thus relieves depression.

You can complete a TMS treatment in as little as 45 minutes and continue your day with no grogginess. Most patients begin seeing results after the second week, but you could start feeling better right away. TMS Therapy can also be used to augment certain medications such as antidepressants or can be used on its own to avoid certain side effects that antidepressant medications may have such as drowsiness.

Talk to your doctor and make sure your medication is working for you, if it isn’t, consider TMS Therapy or consult with your mental health provider to see what the best plan is for you. Interested in knowing more? Try TMS this holiday season for mental fitness!

Treat Your Depression with TMS Today

TMS Therapy Near Me is dedicated to connecting TMS providers and patients this Holiday Season. We understand how the Holiday Season can affect your mental health, and encourage you to seek help and locate a TMS provider to see if you might benefit from TMS. Your optimum mental health is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself. Make sure you are equipped this season and learn how TMS can help you. We are committed to your overall wellness this Holiday Season.

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