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Inspire TMS Denver
Inspire TMS Denver

Inspire TMS Denver is a specialty psychiatric practice providing TMS – transcranial magnetic stimulation. We offer solutions for treatment resistant depression and other neuropsychiatric conditions. Our shared mission at Inspire TMS Denver is to treat every individual with compassion and respect, to alleviate mental illness and improve the mental well-being of our community, and to inspire all we interact with to live well, dream big, and be good to one another. We respect all backgrounds and cultures and are keen to hear our patient’s stories to best guide care.

Education and transparency are key tenets of our care and we believe this empowers our patients to invest in their mental health and increases likelihood for treatment response. Great attention to detail and specific treatment parameters are individualized to each patient. We utilize the latest technology and secure business and medical practices to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Inspire TMS serves the greater Denver metropolitan area and takes all major insurance providers, Medicare, and Tricare. Dr. Clinch offers free phone consultations to answer questions and to see if TMS therapy is a viable option for patients. We complete all benefits and eligibility checks and submit prior authorizations promptly to ensure patients maximize insurance benefits and understand costs for treatment. We offer competitive self-pay for those needing to seek care outside of insurance, and we collaborate with other treatment providers to ensure TMS is right for the patient and done in conjunction with other care professionals and treatments.

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