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Bright Horizons Psychiatry in North Bethesda, Maryland, provides comprehensive psychiatric care for adults ages 18 and over who suffer from mood disorders.

 Experienced psychiatrist Amir Etesam, MD, and his team correctly diagnose a range of mental health conditions, from depression and anxiety to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and provide second opinions for patients with complex, treatment-resistant conditions.

 The practice combines medication management, psychotherapy, and neuromodulation under one roof to minimize any disconnect between providers and achieve optimal patient outcomes in the shortest time possible.

 The team offers timely treatment that’s available in person or via secure telehealth, using safe, innovative, and evidence-based therapies to provide the best results for their patients.

 In addition to their considerable expertise in prescribing psychiatric medications and using various psychotherapy techniques, the Bright Horizons Psychiatry team offers hope for people who don’t respond to frontline treatments. 

 The practice specializes in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) using the state-of-the-art BrainsWay Deep TMS™ technology and Spravato® intranasal esketamine spray.

 With their integrative approach, the Bright Horizons Psychiatry team helps patients manage lifelong psychiatric disorders and recover from complex conditions even when suicidal thoughts take hold. Call the North Bethesda office to learn more, or book an appointment online today.

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Dr. Amir Etesam, MD – Psychiatrist

Dr. Amir Etesam, MD, is a Johns Hopkins-trained Psychiatrist at Bright Horizons Psychiatry in North Bethesda, Maryland.

 After receiving his medical degree, Dr. Etesam chose to focus his career on mood and anxiety disorders. He is a member of the well-respected Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA), the only medical honor society in the world.

 Diagnostic clarification and appropriately treating psychiatric disorders are the fundamentals of Dr. Etesam’s practice and his promise to his patients. His particular interests include complex psychopharmacology, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), and Intranasal Ketamine  Esketamine (Spravato®) treatment. 

 Dr. Etesam is a National Institute of Mental Health (NIH) certified TMS provider. At present, he sees and treats patients with mild to moderate depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, and ADHD, including severe and treatment-resistant cases.

 He warmly welcomes all patients into Bright Horizons Psychiatry, the psychiatry, depression, anxiety, TMS, and Intranasal Ketamine focused practice, and he looks forward to caring for them.